Cryptedphone installs a military-grade level of encryption and security on its devices for a total defense of your data


Your communications can only be private if they are encrypted. Encryption is the process of making the information unreadable to anyone who does not have the key to decrypt it. Unlike the alternatives present on the market today, Cryptophone provides its devices with an unassailable and resilient multi-level encryption to deal with every possible threat and intrusion attempt that encrypts not only the communication channels but also the device.


The certifications, renewed every time there is an update of the forensic tools, guarantee that no one can enter or overcome the defenses of the proposed solution. They are obtained with the best tools on the market recognized as the most reliable in the world, namely Cellebrite UFED or Magnet AXIOM.


All our products are designed and developed to guarantee maximum confidentiality and protection of the highest level, superior to any other alternative on the market. We guarantee total and maximum defense against interception both when the two devices exchange data and messages, and when making calls.


Further protection is given by the anonymous SIM card and an unlimited data plan for the whole world, which allows you to use it in over 150 countries at no additional cost. This, combined with the device equipped with the highest level protections, provides total privacy. making it impossible to identify and locate the user.

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END-to-END certified encryption

The information stored on the device and all data transfers are encrypted with military-grade encryption technology to prevent unauthorized access to third parties.

total operative system protection

Our operating system was developed by analyzing all possible threats. It is constantly updated and enhanced to ensure constant protection from any threat.

military-grade security level

We use military-grade encryption and security systems to protect you from the most hostile threats. Communication takes place in total safety between the two associated devices.

multi-level defense of the device

Separate authentication at the operating system level protects every component of the phone in real-time, such as the hard drive, the operating system, and the various applications that run on it.

your privacy above all

The phone is encrypted both as an operating system and as voice and chat applications, with military 256-bit encryption, end to end. This prevents, even the owners of the infrastructure, from decrypting calls and / or messages, since the encryption keys are generated by the end-points and are different for each message or call.

The phone is encrypted with the following: AES-256-GCM for data, AES-256-CBC for metadata
Applications are system apps, i.e. applications inserted directly into the secure ROM. This gives greater security in the event of complex attacks where servers and application update infrastructure are compromised, in which the attacker is able to recompile applications with malicious code. In these cases the update with the malicious code is not successful but is rejected, giving an error such as POP-UP.
Furthermore, these devices use the hardware Titan-M Chip mounted on the SoC to perform security checks when the phone is booted, and create a chain of digital certificate trust, starting from an AES-256 token installed on the TITAN-M chip (the generated token is saved on our off-line infrastructure, also encrypted with AES-256).

The phone cannot be positioned, and no one is able to associate it with a natural person using the SIM provided. Furthermore, even in the event of loss, seizure or theft, it is impossible to access the phone.

The phone cannot be positioned, and no one is able to associate it with a natural person using the SIM provided. Furthermore, even in the event of loss, seizure or theft, it is impossible to access the phone.

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